Patagonia Guest Dome (for sale with main dome)

Next project is an awning so they can enjoy the beautiful view from their porch.

Scatter a few seeds and, if Mother Nature cooperates, the desert blooms.

This dome was built almost entirely by hand in the hill country of Patagonia, Arizona. While they were building it, Gerry and Ann lived in a tiny shed just below the dome site. There was just enough room for a small couch that folded out into a bed. The 500 square foot studio cost about $3000 in materials and took 2 years to build. The property that contains the guest dome and the main dome is currently for sale. For more information contact Penny Cunningham through this site.

As soon as they could they moved into the unfinished dome.


One response to “Patagonia Guest Dome (for sale with main dome)

  1. Matt Carman

    November 11, 2010 at 9:45 am

    This was were we stayed during at least three visits in the late 90’s. It was the most unique stay and enjoyed the visit. My two young children loved it too. During the visits, I learned so much about my family history from Harriet Ann. I miss visiting there with her. On two of my visit’s Gerry was in Mexico, so only had one opportunity to chat with him, but it was memorable.


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