Music in my Life

15 May

In a few weeks I will be traveling to Sedona, Arizona for my 40th high school reunion. The three years I spent at Verde Valley School were golden years in the fine arts program of the school, with exceptional teachers of music, theater, dance, and studio arts. For me, music was the center of my high school life. I dabbled clumsily in pottery and jewelry-making in studio classes. My participation in theater was limited to performances where music and theater overlapped: a medieval liturgical drama and a spoof on opera titled Opera! Opera! The mysterious world of dance was for me both fascinating and terrifying, so I watched from a safe distance as my friends did amazingly expressive things with their bodies. Making music was such an integral part of my life at the time that I couldn’t imagine life without it. My life has since led me in many unexpected directions, and at the moment active participation in music is in the background. However, my experience of music has helped form the person I am now. This is the first in a series of posts in which I will explore music in my life.

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