Home as Self-Expression

14 Jan

Winter vacation this year was a working vacation, helping my two brothers and my sister-in-law Jeanne finish getting my parents’ Patagonia (AZ) domes ready to sell. The three of them have been working almost 24/7 since August to bring out the best in this home. The homes my parents lived in, most of which they have built themselves, have always been an expression of their lifestyle and values, starting with the sketches they made at Antioch College of their dream home, a log cabin in the wilderness. The Patagonia domes were their final creation, encompassing their love of the natural world, their love of light and color, and their determination to tread lightly on this earth.  My brothers and Jeanne dedicated these months to making sure that this last expression of our parents’ life together would be preserved and appreciated by just the right buyer. My daughter and I spent about ten days helping them put on the finishing touches: painting, building a retaining wall, and stripping and re-waxing the kitchen floor. Now it’s officially on the market, and somewhere out there is just the right buyer. Just like a job search, it only takes one–the trick is finding that one.

Our real estate agent has produced a virtual tour that does the dome much better justice than the pictures I have here. Check it out at

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