Raising Matching Funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

23 Jul

That’s what this is all about. My house, my summer projects, and my life are all being thoroughly neglected until Yellow Book has no more routes available. Every day I stick slippery phone books into plastic bags made uncooperative by heat and sweaty hands. I trudge up and down sidewalks and try to make sense out of haphazard house and apartment numbers.

The stairs--good preparation for Angel's Landing at Zion.

Yesterday I finished a route with a dozen buildings where every six books delivered required climbing two steep and rickety sets of stairs: two books to the first floor, two to the second floor, and two to the third floor. Then I accidentally chose a route that was small–that is not much money–but that took forever because it was primarily three large office buildings.

Huge and mostly empty.

The challenge: in this huge building (see photo) find the fifteen businesses that actually exist. My paperwork shows twenty businesses, but they don’t match the building directory. One law firm is listed four times: each of the three lawyers and the name of the law firm. Stop to write in the five businesses on the directory that aren’t on my list. Then start wandering the halls to deliver the books. The delivery instructions are to get the name of the person who takes the book as well as a phone number for businesses not already on the list. Some doors are locked tight, others have a buzzer to push so they will let you in. The easiest ones were those few that had a friendly receptionist. Some front desks were empty. Some offices seemed empty until I called out, “Is anybody here?” Amazingly, several people who took the books didn’t know the business phone number. When I finally finished this route I was careful to choose one with over 900 residences and fewer than 20 businesses. My faithful daughter Traci and her friend Jenny bagged about two thirds of the books for me, and I delivered one residential street this evening and was treated to a flaming sunset for my reward.

So, folks, I’m not just asking you to donate to find a cure for cancer–I’m spending the last few weeks of my summer wearing out my shoes and my knees (those stairs yesterday were killers) and sweating buckets in the July heat to match your donations. If you want to join me in this challenge, click on the link to my Team in Training page.

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