Why exercise to raise money?

16 Jul

It may seem strange in the light of my participation in Team in Training, but the concept of doing some kind of exercise to raise money for a good cause has never made sense to me. What does walking a few miles have to do with the local animal shelter needing better kennels? The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program explains the connection as a way of honoring the challenges faced by cancer patients by challenging ourselves physically. Somehow I don’t see them as very comparable. I am thoroughly enjoying the hiking, even when it challenges me physically. I doubt if I could find a cancer patient who feels the same way.

However this week I have found a very strong connection between exercise and fundraising as I pound the pavement delivering phone books to raise funds to match the donations people have given. It has been beastly hot (note the overheated faces in the picture), and because the warehouse and the delivery routes are all at least 30 miles away I haven’t been able to start early enough to avoid the heat. Thanks to our team mentor Susan Henderson, who has joined me almost every day this week, we have completed three routes. We are paid approximately $1 for every 5 books we deliver, and according to our calculations the routes average about $100. I may not have loads of friends I can invite to skin care home shows or bar-hopping parties, but I can work hard, and that’s what I’m going to do for the next few weeks. Deliveries nearer home start next Tuesday, so I should be able to spend more time delivering and less time (and gas) driving.

The Impreza loaded up with bagged phone books.

Susan and I cooling off after 20,000 steps up and down the streets of Longmont.

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