Adding to the dome pages

09 Jul

As I slowly work my way through all the boxes I brought back from my parents’ house I found the piece I wrote about my own dome. I built what is now known as the Hobbit House during my last few years of high school. It started as a summer project and as a way to give myself a bedroom after Mother and Dad decided to rent out the big house and live in the smaller one bedroom ranch house, sort of ignoring the fact that although I went to a boarding school during the school year, I wasn’t actually out on my own yet. During the course of building my dome I slept on the pull-out couch in the tiny living room/dining room of the ranch house. I could hardly complain about the lack of space. This tiny room was the original structure my parents built, and they lived in it for several years along with the sewing machine, drillpress, and forge of the fledgling Gerry Mountaineering Equipment Company and my twin brothers. The big house had been built in honor of my arrival five years after my brothers were born.

It would make more sense to construct the dome pages on this site in the order in which the domes were built, but if I wait until I find the folder about the Verde Valley School Dome #1 (which was also the third dome, since my parents turned the empty shell into a comfortable home) I’ll never get started. Thus yesterday, instead of writing a post, I struggled with my scanner and with the lack of control I have when trying to insert pictures into the page. Maybe I need to upgrade, but I’m not ready yet. My first priority is getting into the habit of more regular posting and getting the different static pages I want set up. The other thing I’m not waiting for is finding negatives of the various pictures. For now scans of the photos in my files will have to do. I’m glad adjusting the color is so easy, since many of the blues and greens had faded out.

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