Costco vegetables

29 Jun

My daughter and her friend Jenny are camping out in my living room while they continue their job search. To show their appreciation for a roof over their heads they are doing some housework and, best of all, cooking. Tonight they made a delicious chicken stir-fry. Living by myself, I tend to get lazy about cooking. They said they would cook (and help eat) anything I bought, so I went to Costco this afternoon and bought some things that I wouldn’t normally buy because they would spoil before I finished them. I felt like a producer on some food network contest: “And your mystery ingredients are…!” Of course I forgot one of the main items I needed, milk. However, I bought a package of those seedless English cucumbers and a huge bag of lemons. I just finished making up that tzatziki sauce recipe. It tastes pretty good even before the flavors have time to blend. We’ll see what the girls make tomorrow, if their job interviews don’t wear them out too much. If nothing else, tzatziki sauce makes a superb tuna or chicken salad. It very effectively cuts the fishiness of the tuna, and I can make my salad or sandwich as gloppy as I want without worrying about fat and calories.

I like being able to buy Costco fruits and vegetables. They always seem to be packaged so carefully and are in fine condition, not bruised and wilted. Sam’s Club sells some things in smaller quantities, more suited to a single person, but the quality isn’t quite as good.

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