A Wet Hike

15 Jun

Saturday’s hike was wet and chilly, but not enough to make it miserable. Even the mud wasn’t bad until the second half, when it gave us an extra workout by adding an extra few pounds to our boots. It is fun getting to know some of the open space trails down here on the plains and up against the foothills. It has been so lush and green each weekend that I just drink it in.

I need to get back into exercising more than just the Saturday hikes. Because I am more comfortable with hiking, I don’t feel so pressured to keep up during the week. However, as I have been reorganizing my bookshelves I have noticed that when I stoop down it is hard to get up using just my legs. When I was in Arizona cleaning out Mother’s study I had been excited about being able to get up and down more easily than I have in quite some time. This backsliding doesn’t feel good, but it’s definitely under my control. So I’ll get off this computer and to the gym. I’ve made enough progress on my various urgent tasks so that if I’m tired when I get back I don’t need to worry. I just need to write up this week’s lesson plans, since part of our committment is to send in written plans that can be used for the ELA Summer Academy in the future. It’s always a bit of a chore to write them up for somebody else, but I think what I’m doing this week is worthwhile so I don’t mind (much).


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