How to be known as a good photographer:

29 May

My grandfather, Art Cunningham, was a pioneer in the photofinishing industry. He loved to take pictures of his grandchildren. My brothers seemed to enjoy it. I most definitely did not. The pictures were not candid at all. They very often involved costumes or props and were carefully posed. Though I didn’t like being his subject, I have followed in his footsteps in enjoying photography. The most important thing he taught me was how to make everyone think you take fantastic pictures. It’s not that great photographers have 20 amazing pictures on a 24 exposure roll of film. They may only have three pretty good ones and one great one. But great photographers don’t keep, or at least don’t show anyone, the 20 “fair to middlin” ones. Now that my brother has produced the card reader that will allow Dad’s ancient computer to see my pictures, I have discovered that of the 15 pictures I took the other day only one is good, two are pretty good, and only one is worth sharing. Here it is: 

An agave on the ridge trail.


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